The world ended four years ago when the zombie virus killed billions.

Now, with a vaccine in place, humanity can begin again.

Or … can it?

The Morningstar Strain created two different, equally deadly forms of zombie: the raging, fast sprinters and the relentless, undead shamblers. The sprinters have all but disappeared; the evil humans dedicated to death and chaos have been defeated.

But the worse it yet to come. A new breed of the undead is rising.

A mutant version of the Morningstar Strain has appeared and birthed a sprinter who can think – and can control the billions of shamblers still choking the world.

It’s time for a whole new breed of human hero to rise: men and women who have survived the end of the world and are ready to fight back – fight to the death – to reinvent a better world … one finally free of the Morningstar Strain.

The final battle is just beginning. But it is the beginning of the end?

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