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Creatures of the Storm

It never rains in the tiny desert town of Dos Hermanos, California … until the day when the skies open up and it begins to pour. Now it just … won’t … stop. Streets flood. Buildings collapse. For the first twenty-four hours, the 3,721 citizens of “Dos Bros” struggle just to stay alive. 

Then … things begin to come out of the rain.

Eyeless, skinless, razor-edged creatures in a thousand different shapes, some as big as a house, some as small as a tumor. They share only one thing: an unquenchable thirst to kill anything that moves.

A handful of extraordinary people will fight the monsters. Some may even survive.

  • A software genius with a broken spirit and his bitter, street-smart daughter

  • A grieving, slightly mad scientist who may be the only one who knows what’s really happening

  • n angry, resentful researcher who gladly abandons his humanity to become something more … and something far worse.

    In thirty-six hours, it will all be over … and most of them will be dead. But as the storm grows and the creatures invade every corner of the town, as they hide in every shadow and structure … who will live? Who will die? And who will learn the secrets of the Rain?

The ‘software genius,’ his brave AI, and his smart-ass daughter remain my favorite characters, including the daughter that I made up long before my own smart-ass daughters arrived. And that “angry, resentful researcher” is based on every bad-tempered but righteously so teacher and mentor I ever had, though I end up treating her very poorly in the end …

Voices of the Storm

 The rain began Thursday morning, in a small desert town where it never rains. By midnight… monsters were coming out of the storm: eyeless, skinless creatures made of nothing but piercing stakes and slashing edges, who exist only to slaughter the survivors and suck them dry.

For the next three days, a handful of survivors will fight the flood and the creatures hiding inside it. Some of them will never meet. Some will not survive. But their stories will stay with you:

  • … A beautiful, desperate young woman who will do anything – anything – to escape the drowning city and return to her baby son … even if that means killing whatever or whoever gets in her way

  • … A bar full of brave and desperate drunks who would rather die than leave their dive

  • … A terrified Latino family who confront – and come to worship – the terrifying new gods that growo ut of the storm

  • … A maddened, embittered scientist who become a monster himself … and who will do anything the voices in the storm tell him to do, to finally win the woman he must have for his own

    New stories, new characters, and familiar friends and frightening enemies from Creatures of the Storm: will reappear in surprising ways as we learn more of the last days of Dos Hermanos and the secrets that hide inside.. The Rain.

Jennifer, the unwed mother with a steel spine, has proven to be the most popular character in the entire Triptych, and for good reason. I’ve been lucky enough to know a few woman who could easily become this amazing character … if they had to. I wonder what happens to her next?

Secrets of the Storm

The storm began Thursday morning, in a small desert town where it never rains. By midnight the monsters came out of the storm: and endless invasion of silent, eyeless creatures made of bone and slashing edges, crawling into the light to slaughter every human left alive.

For the next three days, every man, woman and child in Dos Hermanos will fight the flood and the horrors hiding inside it:

  • A team of doctors and nurses, desperate to protect their dying town

  • Teachers and parents trapped in a public school that is slowly being destroyed by the flood and the creatures waiting in the rain 

  • and a, dangerous man who is determined to run into the the storm rather than escape from it, obsessed with a mysterious mission that will change – and possibly end – the lives of innocent survivors … including the people he once loved

    Secrets of the Storm is filled with new stories, new characters, and the return of familiar friends and frightening enemies – one final, fascinating glimpse into the world as it washes away.

    Who will live? Who will die? And who will finally, fully learn the Secrets of the Storm?

One section of this final book in the Triptych was written years after the rest, and returning to Dos Bros a decade later turned out to be just as terrifying as my first few trips. Also, that prom queen who takes over the mall and becomes a slaughtering monster all her own may be the scariest character in the whole damn series.


WolfCop: Fleshmob

Here it is: a brand new, fully authorized WolfCop adventure, crammed full of weird action, booze brawls, and the strongest women west of Ripley herself … just like the cult grunge-horror movie hit! 

This time: there’s been a massacre at Woodhaven Mall … but it looks like the shoppers themselves did the killing. What drove them murderiusly mad? And how can WolfCop make sure it won’t happen again?

Entirely against his will (as usual), Lou Garou investigates … and it sends him on a crazed cross-country adventure unlike any other. Along the way he hooks up with a sexy Extreme Wiccan by the unlikely name of Isadora Tree, and all too soon they find themselves under attack by a seemingly endless stream of redneck thugs and musically enchanted zombies. As if that isn’t bad enough … the moon is waxing, and Lou is growing more wolfish every day.

That’s when things get really weird.

Join Lou and Izzy as they careen across cross-country to uncover the secret of the massacre, and the musical mind control that’s behind it. It’s the best WolfCop movie that never got made!

This may be the most fun I ever had writing “licensed” material (and trust me, I’ve written way too much). For reasons I can’t explain, Permuted Press never released a paper version of this mini-masterpiece (ahem), but it’s still available in e-book form, and even though I don’t make a dime on it, do yourself a favor: if you’re a WolfCop fan, or love comedy/horror/action/adventure in general, this is for you. Enjoy! (And I wish like hell I could write The Further Adventures of Isadora Tree, but such is the curse that call ‘wofk for hire’!)


Healers: Morningstar Strain 4

A long time ago, Z.A. Recht wrote a ground-breaking zombie-apocalypse trilogy, one of the first that set the stage for that ever-expanding gnre. But Zach died before the third book was finished.

I was lucky enough to be invited to be the first to continue the story of The Morningstar Strain years later. It gave me a chance to expand his world, give his best-loved characters the endings or extensions – happy or otherwise – that they deserved, and open up a whole new world of possibilities. Lovers of The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later and the rest, as well as military thrillers and survivalist stories, will enjoy this surprising new take on all those tropes.

The world is just beginning to recover from the zombie apocalypse brought on by The Morningstar Strain when a new – and possibly intentional – outbreak threatens all the recovery work and lays bare the struggle between two surviving Americas struggling for supremacy. Can the few survivors of the first Morningstar trilogy, and their new and formidable allies, save the world from the undead and an all-too-animated fascist future? It may very well be the war to end all wars … and humanity itself!

I actually had notes for another two books – a complete second trilogy – but all sorts of challenges forced me to pass the torch to Dawn Peers and leave Zack’s world behind. I still have a few zombie-esque ideas to explore, however. Maybe one day soon …