I was going to start by saying something like, “Game shows are inherently dumb,” but … so what? They are. Big deal. I stopped taking them seriously a couple hundred decades ago, and generally can’t be bothered with them in general, but nobody criticizes arcade games at the State Fair because they aren’t serious.

Still, snob that I am, I admit it was only the presence of Adam Scott, whose work I’ve loved for years, and word that Ryan Reynolds, of all people, was behind Don’t that made me tune in.

It is, in fact, hilarious. Everyone involved is clearly aware that this is just silly fun, and maybe the dumbest thing they’ve done professionally in … well, ever. The rules are ridiculous; the challenges are nonsensical; the families who participate are clearly hysterical and in on the whole daffy conspiracy. But the best part by far is the constant off-camera voice-over kibitzing from Ryan Reynolds himself (never, never mentioned by name.) We’re talking multiple chortles and the occasional LOL from VORyan alone.

The whole affair has a whole lot less to do with The Price is Right and a whole lot more to do with Deadpool, and that’s what makes it worth watching every Thursday for as long as it lasts. Check your brain at the door and enjoy. Reality will come crashing back in through the window soon enough.

And don’t get me started on Holey Moley with Rob RIggle. Second best game show of 2020.