Why didn’t anybody tell me that there’s a Hall of Fame of horror/thriller character actors in Netflix’ THE ORDER? You’ve got your Katherine Isabelle, who apparently cannot age, you’ve got your James Marsters of Buffy, your Sam Trammel of True Blood, your Jewel Staite of Firefly, your Steve Bacic of Andromeda (and yes, Garage Sale Mysteries but cut him a break it’s a job), along with others I’m sure I’m missing. And best of all: Matt frigign’ Frewer, Max Headroom/The Trashcan Man himself, who is, of course, a pop-cult living god and doing a hell of a job. Come ON.

This show also has a pleasant, self-aware, smart-ass attitude that helps it rise above the dangerously turgid premise of penetrating a secret society on a mysterious super-rich private university campus – you know, evil Harvard Well, eviler.

Also pleasantly high production values and special effects, including one of the least embarrassing werewolf designs in modern history (a notoriously difficult monster to pull off. Short of the ones that turn into 100% smart wolves,” when was the last time you saw a werewolf design that was either disappointing or ridiculous?)

I’m working through the first of two seasons, and enjoying it as I go. Not enough Katherine Isabelle, maybe, but when is there ever enough Katherine Isabelle?