Yes, we’re as surprised as you are. But after literally years of just talking about it, we’ve built a place where we can offer you ALL the cool stuff we’ve built, helped to create, or simply come across — the things that we think can make you … well, mo’ happy!

Sure, you’ll find books here — TONS of books, in paperback and ebook form, straight from Amazon or other platforms. You’ll also find apparel, from tees and tank tops to hoodies, sweats, and caps. You’ll also find a wide range of creative and colorful Recover items, to commemorate, celebrate, and inspire you and those you love. We’ve also created or unearthed some strange and wonderful things — posters, books, and even more apparel — from the fringes of pop culture, offering odd new angles on everything from Stephen King to Amityville to Star Wars and back again. And then there’s the rest — uncategorizable things that we’ve found or helped with that we just plain love, and we think you will too. One thing for sure — they’re all Crazy Good.

We’ll be featuring some of those products right here on the front page. You can find more of them featured and listed on the individual pages; just poke on the tabs to the right to go to the individual shops-within-the-shop. And we’ll be talking about products damn near every day on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, @BeeMoHapppy … PLUS there’s the inevitable newsletter that offers special secret discounts to subscribers only.

There’s a little bit of everything in the Bee Mo Happy Shop. Wander around! See what you like! And thanks for stopping by!