We can’t quite figure out why, but the British seem much better at making Horror Zombie Comedies than Americans do. Not just Shaun of the Dead and Cockneys vs Zombies and Dead Set, which is pretty dark, it’s true, but plenty more… including a newer entry, ZOMBOAT! just now available in the U.S.

It’s your basic Day of the Dead premise – suddenly zombies are showing up all over London, and a small but intrepid group, led by two of the funniest young women we’ve seen in a while, escape the shamblers long enough to take refuge on a very long, very slow, very red narrowboat in one of London’s endless canals. They have to keep moving – or at least putt-putting along – to stay safe… and that’s not easy.

To make it even more charming, one of the women at the center is a zomfan herself, and a gamer, so she’s stuffed with pop-cult zombie knowledge, and the references fly thick and fast. That’s especially delightful for people like us. (My favorite butchering of a cliché is one character’s solemn pronouncement to another: “If I’m not back in ten hours… wait longer.”)

The only problem is that ZOMBOAT! is only available on Hulu. Not any other streaming service or pay-per-view – at least not at the moment. If you’re a Hulu subscriber, take a look, and don’t let the crude title graphics fool you: it’s pretty well-made and damn funny. Meanwhile, a Hulu subscription isn’t the worst idea, even if only for a short while. You can mine it for things like 28 Days Later to Little Monsters. You could fill a Free Trial from end to end!