We’re Alive: A Podcast

Though podcasts are everywhere these days, the number of good fiction podcasts often seem to begin and end with Welcome to Night Vale. (We know, there are others, but… @us anyway!). And one lesser-known but really excellent fictional podcast is We’re Alive, which happens to be all about the zombie apocalypse.

We’re Alive began in 2009 and completed its fourth and final series in 2014 (though sequels like Lockdown and Goldrush) have appeared since. Unlike most audio drama, We’re Alive is wonderfully contemporary in its storytelling style. No awkward voice-overs or self-narrations. (“Look at me! I’m holding up this gun which I will now fire! Bang, bang!) It challenges you to keep up and introduces a wide range of vivid characters, with voice acting that is far better than we have a right to expect. Creator/director Kc Weyland has done a hell of a job here, and you can while away hours listening to the story from the day it begins until long after, and if Weyland’s recent hints pan out, we may learn even more the future of this universe with a new series in ‘22 or beyond, called We’re Alive: Descendants.

You can listen to We’re Alive and its spin-offs through your favorite pod-catcher; you can also catch it on Audible if you’re a member there (or want to become one), or even buy the CD. It’s not hard to find, and you’ll be surprised at the quality and complexity of this original audio drama. Yes, there is life beyond Night Vale.