Train to Busan

The single most successful, or at least most talked-about zombie movie since 28 Days Later, has to be Train to Busan, the breakneck (literally) yet oddly touching and effective 2016 chase-and-die fast zombie thriller from South Korea’s Sang-ho Yeoh. Virtually unknown outside of Korea, Busan premiered at Cannes in ’16 – not a very common thing for a damn zombie movie – and made waves from Day One. Not only is the action high-speed and eerie as hell, but Sang-ho manages to inject elements of parenthood, love, courage, betrayal, and even class warfare into an increasingly bleak plot that never pauses.

Be clear: This movie makes Unstoppable and any other “runaway train” flicks look like a slow boat to China (you should pardon the expression). But unlike many of its lighter-than-air zompoc brethren, it deserves a re-watch, repeatedly, and a place on your Essentials shelf.

Busan has also spawned two other sequels so far: an animated feature named Seoul Station and more recently Peninsula, both worth a watch and covered elsewhere. It’s streaming all over the place, in a constant swirl, or you can give in and spend fifteen dollars for the DVD that you know you – and/or the zomfan in your fam – are going to love. And given how much money this blossoming franchise has made around the world, there’s no reason to think we won’t be returning to this tragic timeline again soon.