The Last of Us

What makes The Last of Us special is that it’s not just a point-and-shoot actioner (there are some good ones of those, too, like Call of Duty: Cold War, that we talk about elsewhere). This is a story-based game that’s about the humans stuck in this awful world, about their challenges and love affairs and struggles. And yeah, there’s plenty of zombie action, too, as the fungus that birthed the creatures continues to transform them. Developed for the PlayStation platform way back in ’08, it’s gone through some changes; a sequel was released to 2020 to great acclaim, and HBO is working on a TV series that we should see one day.

For any gamer who wants to try it or re-experience it, start with the basic game, get going, and plan on spending a whole lot of time with Ellie and Joel. (Oh, and the voice of Ellie in the game, Ashley Johnson, has been our fave since she was little Chrissy Seaver on Growing Pains, all the way through Blind Spot and Infinity Train and now, of course, Critical Role.) A damn fine actor in a string of damn fine projects.