James Gunn has become something of a living legend as a director, what with his Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and the more recent Suicide Squad. But way back in the day, a barely post-Troma, post-Scooby Doo Gunn wrote and directed a weird alien invasion/parasite/zombie hybrid that was a financial disaster at the time but has survived – almost zombie-like – to become a cult classic (a term we generally hate around here at Zombie Gift Guide Central… but this time applies).

Slither is built on the invasion of a small southern town by slug-like aliens that infect humans, turning them into zombie(ish) creatures and then into increasingly grotesque, not to mention disgusting, slug-like alien things whose sole purpose is to make more slug-like alien things. How Gunn managed to achieve so much really awful flesh-writing horror without CGI is a good question, but we can revel in the result, and especially in the performances of relatively newcomers at the time – Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, and others. It’s fast, gross, funny, and only barely a zombie movie… but you’ll like it. Trust us.