Shaun of the Dead

Comedy is always difficult. Horror comedy is especially hard. Zombie horror comedy is damn near impossible.

Unless, of course, you’re Shaun of the Dead. This classic from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg is pretty much indisputably the funniest zombie apocalypse film ever made – the one that all other “funny” horror movies are measured against. The plot, such as it is, is deceptively simple: Shaun and his slacker buddy Ed live in Crouch End and have very normal, very boring lives… until the dead rise and things get difficult. Much to his surprise, Shaun rises to the rising, as it were, and helps to rescue his girlfriend (who recently dumped him) and a variety of less-than-worthy family and friends as they fight to reach the relative safety (or at least familiarity) of their local pub. That’s pretty much it. And watching Pegg and Frost, along with brilliant comic actors like Lucy Davis and Bill Nighy, and under the brilliantly understated direction of Edgar Wright, is just a damn hoot.

There’s a good reason this is often on the list of 50 Best Comedy Films ever, whether it horror or not. And anyone who doesn’t put this at the top of the collectibles list and smack in the middle of the Essentials shelf clearly lost their sense of humor along with their soul when the dead began to rise.