Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

Sometimes the title of a story and the “high concept” idea behind it are so good you really want to like it, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies definitely falls into that category. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s tough to pay off on big promises, and the reason we’re not recommending the book is that… well, this one doesn’t. Once you’ve gotten a glimpse of a 19th century beset by zombies and how it’s coped, the fairly tortured attempt to fit Jane Austen’s original 1813 plot into a twenty-first-century zombie apocalypse novel loses its charm pretty quickly. The same is true for the movie, yes, but it does have the advantage of outstanding production design, more than competent acting, and some truly kick-ass fight scenes.

One step above a gimmick and a long way from a classic, this is the kind of “also ran” you’d watch second (or third, or fourth) on a zombie movie night with the gang. And of course, any friend or family member that just loves Jane Austen and the Bennett family, in all its various mutant variations, simply has to have this on their shelf.