Little Monsters (2019)

Okay, let’s say you are the hottest actress in Hollywood, just having finished starring in Us and some Star Wars voicing, and you’re all lined up for Black Panther… what do you do? If you’re Lupita N’yongo, you run off to Australia to make the warmest, cutest, weirdest zombie apocalypse film ever.

In this gentle and odd little gem, N’yongo plays Miss Caroline, a sweet and caring caregiver at a kid’s camp who volunteers to lead her kids on a field trip by bus… that just happens to coincide with the first day of the zombie apocalypse, only to find herself further hindered by the “help” of a scandalously cynical and self-involved kid’s TV show host played with horrible authenticity by Josh Gad. Make no mistake: There’s plenty of zombie action, a surprising amount of gore, and a satisfying conclusion to the festivity, but it’s still fast-moving and funny. And maybe it was the tininess of the production and its weird timing between Us and Black Panther that made it all but invisible. To further confuse matters (maybe because the name had already been taken by a far less interesting film made years earlier), it’s not available for sale through Amazon. At the moment, you can watch it on Hulu, and we did find a link to copies at Walmart, but however you find it… find it. It’ll make your day truly zomberiffic.