Joe Bob Briggs’ The Last Drive In: The Walking Dead, Episodes One and Two

Just this year, Joe Bob Briggs, the world’s leading authority on all things horror and one damn fine fellow, included an exploration of the first two episodes of The Walking Dead as an installment in his current celebration of all things horror, The Last Drive In. Not only do you get to see how TWD started – and damn, does Andrew Lincoln look young and fresh-faced! – but you’ll also get a truly fascinating and hilarious lecture on the origins of the zombie in literature and in film from Joe Bob himself, as well as tons of skepticism from Diana Prince, aka Darcy the Mail Girl (and yes, that’s her real name), as well as lengthy commentaries from Joe Bob as those first two ground-breaking episodes progress. And as if that wasn’t enough, Joe Bob also interviews, in depth, the Walking Dead Executive Producer and Special Effects Make-up Supervisor/Designer, Greg Nicotero, a legend in his own right (but no Joe Bob Briggs. I mean, come on).

If you’re a subscriber to Shudder, the premiere horror/thriller streaming service (yes, we almost said “screaming” service, never mind that), then you can watch the four-hour extravaganza any time. If not, you can subscribe directly through Shudder using the link below or add it to your Amazon Prime channel selections using the other link below. The fact is, all true zombie aficionados should be Shudder subscribers anyway – that in itself is a damn good gift, for yourself or anyone – but even if you sign up for a free trial period or a short stay only, and just mine it for all the zombie-stuff that’s there that month… here’s the place to start. It’s both enlightening and strangely nostalgic. And you get to see Darcy turned into a TWD walker at no extra charge!