Jennifer’s Body (2008)

There is an ongoing battle here at Zombie Gift Central about whether Jennifer’s Body is a comedy or a drama or even a zombie movie at all. And the only conclusion we came to is it doesn’t matter. It’s just a dark, funny, violent, arrogant piece of zombie-lite-lit about a not-very-popular girl who gets ambushed and (accidentally?) killed by her “friends”… only to return from her swampy grave as a very hungry, very cruel, and very beautiful woman. How beautiful? Hey: Jennifer is played by Megan Fox, in all her blue-eyed cat-like glory. And her best friend/victim/nemesis Amanda Seyfried does more than hold her own here. Hard to believe she went from Mean Girls to Mama Mia to this in the span of a few months. The script itself is also fully acidified by then-notorious screenwriter Diablo Cody of Juno fame. This was the next screenplay she had produced after she won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay; it appeared a couple of years before her equally sharp-edged series, The United States of Tara. “Sarcasm” doesn’t begin to describe it. “Bitter quips” come a little closer.

Was Jennifer a zombie? A succubus? Just a mortal girl who almost died and came back crazy-mad? Doesn’t matter. We zomfans claim her as our own, and even if you’ve seen it before, see it again… and introduce at least one or two of the initiated to the glory of 2008 Megan Fox. (Though we’re pretty sure there’s something weird going on with all the leads in the films. Fox, Seyfried and even Adam Brody don’t seem to have aged a year in the last decade. What’s up with that?)