Once upon a time, there were zombies all over television. A year or two after The Walking Dead changed the entertainment world as we know it, everybody wanted to duplicate that success with a show of their own about the dead walkin’. We’ll recommend a couple of them here – but just a couple. One that we did enjoy for its long and happy run was iZombie. Rose McIver, a newcomer (unless you were a big Power Rangers RPM fans) played Olivia – Liv – who catches a brand new virus at a boat party in Seattle and, well, wakes up dead. She abandons her “normal” life and takes a job at the King County Morgue, so she can discreetly snack on bits of the recently deceased in a civilized way, rather than go full zom-zom. She then discovers that she temporarily gains the knowledge and skills of the brain she’s recently consumed, making her a bit of an amateur detective and problem-solver. It’s good fun that lasted for five full seasons, though it got a little dark and dystopian in the last couple of years. Throughout, however, McIver charmed the hell out of us, and her long-time friendship with Ravi, played by Rahul Kohli, made it all the better.

McIver has since moved on to romcoms and other series; Kohli has distinguished himself in work on Mike Flanagan’s series like The Haunting of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass (and yes, a stint on Supergirl. Hey, a guy’s gotta eat.). But there’s plenty to enjoy in this series, and lots of episodes to work through.