Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Survivalism, hand-to-hand and gun-to-gun warfare, and the zombie apocalypse have been cloe partners for … well, forever. And very few storytellers can bring a continuing sense of authenticity and excitement to the most militant zompoc stories; all too often they end up sounding like bad narratives of bad point-and-shoot games.

Shawn Chesser’s Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is one of those rare storytellers. Even the less gun-lovin’ members of the Zombie Gift Guide had to admit: all fifteen of Chesser’s books really do rock. They pull you right along, beginning with the first days of the Rising, the fumbling of the government, the frustration of even the bravest and best-equipped citizens, and finally deep into the story of Cade Grayson, dedicated husband and vather and former Delta Force operative, who travels the length of a devastated United States to save his wife and daughter … or die trying.

You can spend a season or a year reading all the books in the series, and you’ll still be waiting for the next one. No worries: Chesser is like a dang machine, and there are more volumes to come.