FUNKO Zombies

No one can explain why those big-headed, often bobble-headed FUNKO caricatures are so damn cute, but face it – they are. And you have to hand it to FUNKO’s marketing and product development strategists: They are constantly coming up with new designs based on the latest cultural craze.

Even the zombie world is not immune. There have always been a few, but recently FUNKO has jumped on the “Marvel Zombies” bandwagon, which we discuss elsewhere. And the result is a whole bunch of inexpensive but pretty darn cool figurines that are immediately recognizable as zombified versions of your favorite superheroes and villains, whether you’ve ever read the Marvel Zombies comics at all.

Many are available right now; many more are premiering early in 2022. They’re almost all reasonably priced, and you can get them in boxed groups for the truly obsessed among you. Personally, we like the glow-in-the-dark Zombie Wolverine the best… though the totally unrelated FUNKO Pop! Tasty Peach Zombie Alpaca is pretty cool too.