Evil Dead

The line between “demonic possession” and “zombie” can get pretty thin sometimes, and never has it been as blurred as it is in the sequel-that’s-not-a-sequel, Evil Dead 2. The first Evil Dead, a fairly unimpressive low budget horror flick, is far surpassed by the sequel, a crazed continuation of the “thing in the woods” concept that launched Bruce Campbell on a career in this genre that has yet to end (see Ash vs. the Evil Dead or Black Friday if you don’t believe us).

There are too many wonderful tropes and icons that emerged from this mad classic to list in full, but they include: Ash and his chainsaw arm, “Groovy,” the murderous disembodied hand, the crazed rush-through-the-woods POV Steadicam shots – it goes on and on. And yes, we could fight endlessly over whether Ash (or at least parts of him), his companions and adversaries are really zombies at all, or whether they’re possessed before and after their gruesome deaths. In fact… it doesn’t matter. Any movie that shows your deceased girlfriend dancing naked in the moonlight until her head falls off, or a whole race of crazed warriors called “deadites” has pretty much passed the test. And Evil Dead 2, like so few others, is the kind of wild ride that not only made its mark on zombie-entertainment history but is good enough to warrant repeat viewing. Add it to your core collection now.