All Cheerleaders Die

Not everybody loves this movie – you can look at the Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic numbers and see that – and part of its appeal is definitely just the name and notion of zombie cheerleaders. But we tend to agree with WeGotThisCovered, who admitted it was “mindless and contrived” in some ways, but was also a “witching, bitching good time.” One interesting production point: The semi-legendary Lucky McKee first made this movie in 2001, fresh out of film school, and liked the idea so much he remade it in 2013. This time there’s a whole team of cheerleaders brought back to life with Wiccan magic, all working together to avenge their deaths at the hands of football players and their minions, and yes, there’s a wide-open “The End??” ending that begs for a sequel that’s never shown up. We include it here partly for its sheer Australian exuberance, but mostly just for the idea itself… and if you happen to have a cheerleader-type in the fam, this could be a great little gift.