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From Voices of the Storm: The Rain Triptych 2

Sylvia Takes a Long Way Home

Rain is a triptych, three sets of interlocking stories that all take place in the same fateful, fatal three days in the tiny, arid town of Dos Hermanos, California. It never rains in Dosh Bros … until yesterday, when the clouds rolled in and the sky opened up. And now it won’t stop. And there’s more — worse. There are things in the rain, creatures in a thousand shapes, skinless and eyeless and all sharp edges and points, with only one thing in common: a relentless desire to kill anything that moves. In this sample, you’ll meet Sylvia, a bitter but quiet barfly at a Dos Bros dive who decides to brave the rain to walk home … and never makes it. Something truly awful happens to her instead …

From WolfCop: FleshMob

The Fight for Isadora Tree

Lou Garou is on the road, fresh out of Woodhaven and on his way to HogTown, his not-so-affectionate name for Chicago, to investigate the origin of a strange outbreak of mob violence in his home town. He’s on his own, in his beloved WolfCruiser – the biggest and most unnecessarily tricked-out cop car in three adjacent counties. But things have already started to get weird, and now they’re going to get weirder …


From Healers: The Morningstar Strain 4
The Battle for Offut AFB

Stone was a veteran of too many wars, but there was nothing – nothing – like the war against the zombies. He just never expected a soulless group of humans to use the sprinters and shamblers as weapons against the last few reasoning humans on earth. And yet …



From Donald Trump, Zombie Killer
Up Against the Wall

 Donald Trump had been President for less than six months when the first zoms appeared – at one of his own rallies, no less. Trump and the leader of his Secret Service detail, Diaz, barely made it out alive. They returned to the White House and holed up there – but not for long. His aide Adam Lutz joined the team when they barricaded themselves in the Oval Office, shortly before they were all saved from a full-on zombie massacre by a hard-assed soldier named Tomlin, who helped them escape from the overrun Capitol and flee to the besieged CDC headquarters in Atlanta/. There they located Dr. Simmons, the one man who just might be able to end the apocalypse before the last of humanity was slaughtered. And now, traveling in a huge, balloon-tired armored vehicle called an MRAP, Trump and his protectors and allies have fought their way from the devastation in Georgia to their last refuge: a brand new construction site in the middle of nowhere, along the Texas/Mexico border, where they’re about to make a last stand for themselves, America, and just maybe the entire world …