Hey, Annette…

I made this private page just for you. No one else can see it — promise! — and I can’t get any info about your email or IP address or anything. I’m not that smart.

Anyway: here are a few stories you can read here and download as a PDF, if you care to. Just click on the names. And  I think if you right-click on the .mp3, you can download that, too.

It has been amazing, truly amazing, getting to know you even a little. And just to remind you: you can drop me a note here or at bmunson00@gmail.com or at 626-394-6235. Or I’ll catch you on Talk To Me… soon!

Here’s a Fourth of July Update: I finished the second part of Kat’s Make Me scripts, and since you liked the first, I’m adding the script for the second, too. She’s busy with her family during the holiday weekend, so no audo yet … but I thought you’d like it. Just click on the title below, just like the others, for the PDF. And I promise I’ll add the audio as soon as it’s ready.

Anything else you’d like to see?

And just for fun, since I’m not super-busy myself this lovely Sunday, I added a cover pic: and yes, no kidding, that’s Kat herself. I’ve met her, she’s real (just like you(). Thought you might be interested, and I know she won’t mind. In fact, she’d love you …