.. and if you want to get a free download of the first chapter — here and nowhere else — just click on through to learn more about what I did, what comes next and at least a hint of how it all ends.

I was brought in late on the project, and built on Dawn Peers’ work to try and tie up fifteen years of loose ends and unanswered questions. It was an interesting and sometimes heartbreaking process, as I asked myself what would a world with shamblers as part of teh permanent landscape really be like? Could we survive? Would we even want to?

Doing “licensed” work is always a fascinating challenge. i’ve had a chance to do it in a wide range of other peoples’ worlds, fro The Amityville Horror to Men In Black to the granddaddy of all shared universes, Star Trek. Each one is a different but equally fascianting challenge, and this one was no exception. I just hope most folks fine it a fitting end to Zak Recht’s work, and once you’ve read this opening piece — or the whole book, when it shows up in April — I hope you’ll drop me a note and let me know what you think.

The whole process has go me thinking about yet another variation on a theme — another future world (much future-er than Morningstar with a whole different kind of undead walkers around every corner. I’m thinking I’m not quite done with the zompoc sub-genre, so … stay tuned …